Bust the Top Ten Creative Writing Myths to Become a Better Writer: Part 2

Last week we looked at five of the top ten creative writing myths (Part 1) responsible for much of the pain associated with failed writing and derailed storytelling . We examined, in reverse order of destructiveness, the myths ten through six: #10: Show don’t tell. #9: The blank page is the enemy. #8: Write what…

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Bust the Top Ten Creative Writing Myths to Become a Better Writer : Part 1

We live in the age of click bait, sound bites, and viral memes. On any given day, hour, minute, or second on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram you can find any number of cat videos or fortune-cookie platitudes meant to bolster one or another emotional cliché or bubble-gum metaphysical insipidity. They reflect our moods and emotional…

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7 Steps to Busting the Myth of Writer’s Block

As writers, we all have come to accept certain maxims to be true, or at least we have grown so familiar with the consensus memes of the creative writing world that we have become unwitting suckers, blindly accepting them, without exercising personal discernment and healthy skepticism as artists. The memes I’m speaking of have become…

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