The Abbess

Medieval Europe—9th Century—when the Holy Mother Church ruled the hearts, minds, bodies, and souls of all of Christendom, two women find themselves in an unlikely and uneasy alliance destined to plunge each into the sinister palace intrigues of the Vatican, papal politics, and the secular plottings of princes, kings, and the Holy Roman Emperor himself in a contest of power, manipulation, sex, and ultimately survival.

One woman, a once powerful Abbess recalled to Rome to have her political wings clipped by the Pope because she had the gall to ordain priests, officiate marriages, and finance local Abbots too poor to run their own abbeys; and the other, a young nun brilliant in ecclesiastical debate, love-struck, and with a talent for impersonating priests in order to satisfy her insatiable thirst for knowledge and worldly experience.

In an age when "forgetting one's sex" could lead to torturous death, one abbess and one nun break all the rules of men—and of God—risking everything to realize their hearts' desires, and in the process come face-to-face with the true costs of the wages of sin.

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